Order was wrong. And took an 1 1/2 to get here.
The beef terriaki was great but I prefer to get the lo mein in the box rather than plastic container. The food was great as always.
Excellent service. Very courteous and accommodating staff, and wonderful food to boot!
Janice L
I called after ordering pickup online so they would be sure to omit the shrimp from the noodles, which they did, but there was no increase in either chicken or pork as a substitute, also requested, and all portions seemed especially light on scallions. Also, we ordered 1 spicy and 2 very spicy, and all 3 were so mild we had to add a lot of curry powder to all of them. The Kung Pao was fine, tho it, too, could have been spicier, but the boiled? peanuts in it were good. We've live around the corner and have ordered from here for years, both delivery (always prompt) and pickup; it seems to change ownership, or at least management, frequently. At times a few dishes been really good for a short period, but most of the time it's below average except for 1 or 2 dishes. Try to find something you like here and stick with it, but be prepared that the same dish can be quite different depending on who is cooking it.
Great food, very quick delivery.
Any questions please call us.